China Business Summit 2024


Monday 20 May 2024, at Cordis Auckland

On Monday, May 20, 2024,  NZINC. and the Auckland Business Chamber present the China Business Summit, the premier platform for exploring New Zealand-China economic, commercial and political relations.

Despite ongoing challenges, New Zealand’s trade with China remains strong. Two-way trade reached nearly NZ$38 billion in the year ending December 2023, and China accounted for nearly 22 per cent of New Zealand’s total goods and services exports last year. The Summit will delve into the drivers of this robust partnership, including China’s expanding middle class and its demand for high-quality goods and services.

In this rapidly evolving environment, ‘value capture’ has become a guiding principle for New Zealand businesses operating in China and is key to future success. The 10th China Business Summit will present insights on the complexities of geopolitics and consumer confidence that impact trade and commerce.

With a new government in place, this much-anticipated event will shape the future of New Zealand’s relationship with China. Attendees will gain invaluable strategies on how to succeed while navigating today’s China.